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  1. Ask Valerie is a weekly subscription service.It gives the subscriber phone access to Valerie O’Neill of AbsolutelyAdmin to ask specific questions relating to their own business transactions.The subscriber also get to contribute to and research posts and other material held in a membership-based closed Facebook group.
  2. Phone calls can be accumulated to 1 hr per quarter, so that Valerie is available when subscribers are doing their BAS, or 20 mins monthly to suit the subscriber’s needs.Calls need to be booked in advance on 0437336574. This is the basic level of membership.
  3. Subscribers join only by providing their credit card details for weekly charges to be made.
  4. Membership is continuous.It can be stopped at any time, by advising in writing, with one week’s notice.
  5. Premium option – Basic plus providing read-only access to the subscriber’s electronic data file.  This provides the opportunity for more detailed review and specific advice.  Premium is only available on a quarterly continuous basis.
  6. Sterling gold option – Premium plus providing specific full review of a subscriber’s entire ledger prior to BAS lodgement deadline, looking for correct use of GST codes and correct allocation of receipts and expenditures.  A report will be made in writing in time for any corrections to be made prior to lodgement.  Sterling is available on a quarterly continuous basis.


Basic $9.65/week

Premium $14.95/week

Sterling Gold $20/week



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